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Developing concepts and ideas - Working to a professional brief


Back at college workshops encouraged students to begin considering their own designs and the creative process architects work through. 

After the research trip to the Barbican's Japanese House exhibition the students now had a chance to start designining themselves. We opened up the session with discussion about how architects are challenged with designing for real life and the many different needs of society. Students began to put this into practice and began designs for specific people. They were given character descriptions (see below examples) and set about designing for their characters lifestyles and needs.

Mr. Smith is 80 years old and lives with his elderly wife Pat, as a young man he joined the navy to see the world. After leaving the navy he travelled the world as a guidebook writer. On his travels he picked up many souvenirs, which he likes to display and show off to friends and family. His wife Pat enjoys baking for her grandchildren and gardening. In her youth she was a very famous artist but has since stopped making art for reasons unknown. 

Holly is a single mum who works full time. She has 1 daughter Flo who is 7 years old and attends a local school. Holly’s mother lives far away but visits regularly to look after Flo. Flo is a creative child who is very physical - dancing and gymnastics are things that support her often challenging behaviour.

After receiving their client descriptions, Sahra Hersi delivered a workshop specifically on model making. She explained the necessity of these models in communicating with clients and how they form an important part of the design process. 

Playing with the qualities of simple cardboards and paper helped to build design ideas.

Students challenged themselves to make models that showed off skills in precision, measuring and crafting. Sahra explained the importance of being able to communicate your vision both verbally and in your 3D models or design drawings. Students talked about how, when actually making the models, they realised the complications of their designs. Getting what you have in your head into the final construction of a model or drawing of a building is time consuming and requires much attention. 


Students experimented with a range of materials in the models.

They worked through design ideas to produce mini models and ideas, rough in appreance but absolutey full of potential. 

Over the next week while students developed designs, Sahra asked them to think about the scale of their models - how would the spaces function and what would it feel like to be inside the building? Something to think about while the design process continues over the next week!


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  • The Creative Digital Careers project is amazing. It’s opened my eyes to all the digital and creative opportunities I can access.
  • The Creative Digital Careers project is amazing. It’s opened my eyes to all the digital and creative opportunities I can access.